About My Fairy Tale Recipe

Just what exactly is a fairy tale recipe?  People would always have a fairy tale fantasy when they were kids.  Growing up, the boys would pretend to be prince and knights while the girls would play the princess and the damsels in distress.  We would have fun playing roles and thinking about happily ever afters.  Only to realize that once we grow up, these fairy tales aren’t exactly what life is made of.

I dreamed of my own fairy tale kind of marriage.  I believed in happily ever after.  I thought that once you found the charming prince and said “I do” along with the wedding vows, life begins with the fairy tale journey and ends with a happily ever after.  So, you have to imagine how shocked I was to find out that marriage is far from the ones depicted in fairy tales, and happily ever afters are not always guaranteed.

This blog is dedicated to those people who liked me believed in fairy tale marriages.  Who believed that once we kissed the frog and turned them into handsome prince, they will never returned to their frog state.  Oh, we should have watched “Shrek” and found out that they do return to being a frog and the fairy god mother is a deceiving fairy that doesn’t really create happily ever after.  Fairy tale marriage is a possibility but only for those who are ready to work on it, after the evil witches and the villains in the story.

So what exactly is my fairy tale recipe you ask?  It’s love… unconditional and innocent love… even after the affairs.  As long as there is love, there is life, and therefore fairy tale can exist.

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